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Flight Planning

All of our flight planning and support is done in-house.  A planner is assigned and is in charge until completion.  We have the most experienced planners in the business.

757-200 aircraft delivery ferry flight

Even if your N-reg aircraft and crew are certified for RVSM operations you still need the FAA to issue a LOA.  We can do that.  The RVSM approval generally results in a 20% savings in fuel.   It takes three to five days for us to turn an RVSM LOA.

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Jeppesen Flight Deck

If you are looking for a short term JeppFD Key we can provide them for your project.  Contact us for pricing.

DHC-8-402 ferry delivery flight Tokyo to San Bernardino
A340-300 aircraft ferry delivery flight
Frontier A320 delivery ferry flight
Flight Crew

We have crews for all Boeing and Airbus aircraft.  We also do EMB, ERJ and CRJ along with Q400.  We also have crews for Helicopter.  Our crews are airline trained and up to date on the latest procedures.



We provide fuel at competitive prices at every airport worldwide.  Let us take care of the complex issues of providing fuel for your aircraft ferry.  We will beat the big providers.


We specialize in aircraft exit and entry.  We are bonded with customs and can act on your behalf to move your aircraft to and from the USA


Super Universal has been ferrying aircraft for the last 20 years.  If you have been using the big companies and are tired of being under quoted and over charged give us a try.  If you are moving an aircraft for the first time we can help.  We are a small company that provides custom service.  We can move aircraft from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world and we'll do it at a reasonable cost with no surprises.  We do N-reg, Irish CAA, Guernsey, Isle of Man and San Marino registered aircraft.  We handle every aspect of aircraft ferry.  Call us and let us provide a quote. 





This 737-800 came from storage in Estonia.  It was ferried to Dothan, Alabam for cargo door modification.

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This 757-200F landing at Birmingham from location in Europe in order to process the transaction over international waters.

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This one was stored at Toulouse.  This also is coming over for a cargo door modification at the Dothan facility.

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A new customer needed this to go to Jinan, China for cargo installation.  Navigating the Chinese requirements has become increasingly difficult.  Getting the crew out of China is also very complicated.


We did a demo flight on this one and then a ferry from KVCV to Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Congrats to Boliviana de Aviacion on their most recent aircraft.


Snowy stopover in UHPP Petropavlovsk.  Another in a series of 737-500 coming off the ANA AOC.


Final touchdown for our latest ferry from Tokyo to California.  Routing through Petropavlovsk and Anchorage.


This aircraft came to us short notice.  It had diverted to Hanoi and needed to get to Tucson.  We are now all set to go.


The eighth in a series of retirements coming over to the USA.  This will be either parted out or sold to a new operator.

ERJ -145LR

From Kansas City to Harare Zimbabwe this ERJ-145 fills a critical need for 50 seat lift for the new Air Zimbabwe. The routing was north through Keflavik and then down through Malta, Dar es Salaam to Harare.  Click on the following link here to see the route



737-800 at Commercial Jet in Miami going in for cargo modification.  This one came from Goodyear, AZ.


This came of the JAL Wings fleet and is going to Malaysia for cargo conversion.  


Final trip for this one.  We have moved this five times now and it now goes to part out in Kansas City.  Was with Malaysia Air and then VIM of Russia.  


A 737-500 retiring from the ANA fleet coming over to be parted out.  These aircraft are immaculately maintained and a pleasure to fly.  Shown here getting ready for an early morning departure from Anchorage.  


This is the sixth Q400 we have moved from Kagoshima to San Bernardino.  The crew is stopping in Petropavlovsk with a leg to Anadyr the next day.  


This aircraft is the fifth in our ongoing effort to bring these over from Kagoshima, Japan to San Bernardino for part-out.  The range on these aircraft present some challenges but we have a good route that also avoids having to get the Russian visa.


Another 737-500 from ANA coming over to the USA for part-out.  Departure is from Haneda International Airport.  Always enjoy working with the ANA team.


These were delivered  from St. Athen in the UK to San  Bernardino for part out.  This shot was taken as they sit in Shannon getting ready for departure to Bangor.

A320-251 Neo

We assist Frontier in delivering all of their new aircraft.  This was moved recently from Hamburg, Germany to Frontier's delivery acceptance site in Tampa.  It sits here at Goose Bay, Labrador awaiting fuel.


This beautiful freighter conversion was done in Dothan, Alabama and was delivered to Auckland, New Zealand.


The venerable MD-83.  This group of three were ferried from Bucharest, Romania to Roswell for ongoing storage.



These two aircraft came of China Southern's fleet.  Here they are departing Anchorage on a cold windy morning for a trip down to Everett Field for modification for Southwest.

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Another 737-800 going to cargo refit.  This time in Miami at Commercial Jet.  


Another ex American Airlines MD-83 from Roswell to Kiev.  The MD-83 is a work horse and is still used around the world.  


This beautiful aircraft was delivered from Sanford, Florida to Jakarta, Indonesia for maintenance.  It eventually started work on the Hajj.


This aircraft was delivered from Shanghai to St Athan for part out.  Customer was Apollo Aviation.


This is an ex-Alaska Airlines 737-400.  Delivered to Tucson, Arizona for storage.


This A320 was delivered to Goodyear for Allegiant Airlines.  Departure point was Shannon, Ireland.






We can provide any level of service you need.  We'd be happy to help with any technical issue you have regarding the ferry of your aircraft.  

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